King Kennedy is a feature film created solely from archival footage, with no narration,
and no assumption.

Experience the lives of Robert f. kennedy, John f. kennedy, and
MaRtin Luther king while they were still happening. Crafted over 5 decades, King Kennedy now needs your help to make it to the big screen


King Kennedy is entirely constructed from footage captured by news camera operators, both network affiliated and freelance, who made it their daily quest to follow the lives of these men. In order to use their footage, standard licensing fees must be paid. This is where you, the public, can help bring King Kennedy to the screen


No commentary, no voice over,
no conjecture, no assumption. 


Over seven hundred hours of hardly seen footage.
Culled from the news cameras that followed them.
Sourced from fifty-three libraries all over the world.
including never before seen interviews
with witnesses to JFK's assassination. 

Before the age of the Kennedys & Martin Luther King, public access was delayed, filtered, and tailored. Their ascendancy was driven by television’s hunger for images -through it; these men became giants. 


Savvy enough to grant the new medium unprecedented access, made fearless by their ruthless integrity, they were the first to truly live every waking moment under the camera’s gaze. 


This groundbreaking documentary recreates this relentless journey through the heart of the American promise. KINGKENNEDY is a powerful and emotional experience.